Vilma Timonen Quartet: Drops

The kantale is a kind of Scandinavian zither/dulcimer and Vilma Timonen plays it as well as sings with Toumas Timonen/perc, Topi Korhonen/g-tp-mand and Jaako Kamarainen/b through a collection of folksy originals mixed with traditions and myths. There’s a mix of moods and cultures here, as the kantale sounds both Medieval and Indian on “Kuutar” as well as like something from the UK as she sings with strings on “Drops.” The mix of mandolin and trumpet is a winning one on the velvety “Basantapur” and the two meet again on the more pop oriented and catchy “Tuuli.” The mix of mandolin and kantale makes form some charming and chiming sounds on “ Viima” and “Tahtineito” and with the leader’s voice either in solo or with backing harmonies, the band takes you on wonderful pastoral journeys.


Bafe’s Factory

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