Roy McGrath Quartet: Martha

Roy McGrath’s got a rich and thick sound on the tenor sax, and he uses it to full advantage on this album with Joaquin Garcia/p, Kitt Lyles/b and Gustavo Cortinas/dr. With Cortinas’ brushes, he delivers an elegant “Night and Day” as well as a gentlemanly and suave “Maybe, Please Don’t Lie?” which is subtly supported by Lyles’ piano.  McGrath also likes to keep you on your toes, as a relaxed “Sileray” veers in and out of a tricky middle section, and he then shows some cleverness in song selections. A take of the children’s song “Patty Cakes” opens with a rich rubato before learing into a lurking theme, and Cortinas’ cymbals strut on an  upbeat take of the gospel tune “Spirit of the Living God.” The title track is a thoughtful piece as well, with McGrath’s tenor filling the room. A rich and rewarding outing.

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