****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Harvey Valdes: Roundabout

One thing you learn from the best cooks in the world is that they all let the basic ingredient speak for themselves. No self respecting Italian chef adds too much spice to any pasta sauce. The tomatoes are rich enough in themselves.

So it is with guitarist Harvey Valdes on this solo guitar album. He lets his warm and relaxed tone speak for itself without resorting to electronic gimmicks, pedals or buttons. His delivery of “All The Things You Are” is clean and patient, while he exudes class and style on “ How Deep Is The Ocean” and “Alone Together.” He adds a clever flamenco touch to “Stella By Starlight”  and sparkles on “Blue In Green.” Some pensive dreaminess flows forth on “I’ll Remember April”  and he shines like Waterford Crystal on “Invitation.” All these tunes are done with a rich pulsating sense of swing, so you never lose interest in the solitude. Guitar fans will flip!


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