Mike Zito & The Wheel: Keep Coming Back

If you want the guitar to get down and dirty, Mike Zito is your m an. He sings whle playing both acoustic and electric guitar with Jimmy Carpenter/sz, Lewis Stephens/key, Scot Sutherland/b, Rob Lee/dr and Trina Shoemaker/perc and background singers. Except for John Fogerty’s rollicking “Bootleg,” Zito takes at least part of the writing, which varies between Delta stompers like “Keep Conming Back” and an Eagles-y “Early In The Morning.” He and th band know how to create a snappy beat as they esy grove of “ Lonely Heart” and “Get Busy Living” are irresistible, whilr the band boogies on ”Chin Up.” All through, ZIto’s voice is gritty and sandy, just what you want from a rockabiller as on “Get Out of Denver.” H e shows his softer side on the acoustic ballad “I Was Drunk” but shakes it off like a bad cold when he gets back to rockin’ the boogie on “Nothin’ But The Truth.” Gonna have fun with this one!


Ruf Records


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