Logan Hone: Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion

Lots of free flying ideas bouncing around the walls on this release by Logan Hone/as-bcl, Lauren Baba/viola, Gregory Uhlmann/g and Mike Lockwood/dr.  Hone’s sax along with Baba’s viola create some tricky and complex line for melodies which intersect and cross back around like a Parisian roundabout as on the kinetic “Mother Figure” or herky jerky “MJT.” The strings sometimes create the rhythm for Hone’s alto as on during the spacious “Moveable Walls” while the whole gang sounds like a Carl Stallings chase scene on “Play” or a Spike Jones tune on the quirky “Don’t Touch That.” The band sounds like they are getting ready to be the soundtrack for an animation film festival, or at least a Warner Brothers Saturday morning matinee.

pfMentum Records


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