****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Ike Sturm + Evergreen: Shelter of Trees

In this day of nihilistic secularism, it’s easy to forget that at one time music was created to worship God. Remember Him? Oh, yeah, the one that made you, loves you, provides for you and will one day call you into account of your life. Yeah, THAT God!

Anyway, I digress…

Bassist and composer Ike Sturm brings music back to where it belongs on this penetrating mix of jazz, folk and modern worship. He mixes the jazz feel with Loren Stillman/as, Fabian Almazan/p, Chris Dingman/vib, Jesse Lewis/g and Jared Schonig/dr but then adds the angelic voices of M isty Ann Sturm, Chanda Rula and Melissa Stylianou in solo and ensemble form. The lyrics mix God directed themes as on “Rejoice” and the almost liturgical “Sanctus,” and you can never go wrong with a delivery of “Psalm 23,” but the beauty of this album is in the ecumenical mix of ethereal voices and a plaintive jazz vibe. Dingman’s vibes chime like church bells along with a gentle pulse on “Rejoice” and “Psalm 23” while the dreamy “River” includes Stillman’s glowing alto and Lewis’ gentle guitar . There is a joyful cascade on “Origins” while you feel like you’re with St. Francis of Assisi on the folksy “Shelter of Trees”  and “Turning Point.” The honey toned voices mix with contemplative  piano on “”Renew” and you feel as safe as in a mother’s arms on “Guide.” This music takes you to a place you need to visit more often.

Kilde Records



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