****RINGER OF THE WEEK*****Oded Tzur: Like A Great River

If your idea of great music is something that quietly moves your soul, you’re going to find a friend in tenor saxist Oded Tzur. He leads a quartet with Shai Maestro/p, Petros Klampanis/b and Zv Ravitz/dr through a collection of originals that range from long and winding roads of thoughtful reflections to concise and poignant jots. Of the latter, “Child’s Dance” has a joyful gallop and “Warrior Elephants Flying in the Moonlight” features Tzur’s soft and cantoral tenor supported by Klampanis’ pulse. Most intriguing are the opuses; the 14 minute “The Dance” goes from a quietly pulsed opening with Maestro and Klampanis until Tzur demurely enters in the conversation. But, before you know it, the whole team is davening with intensity to the climactic conclusion, whereas “The Song of the Silent Dragon…” has Tzur sighing in meditation and “Tzurkauns” includes endearing piano with gentle persuasions by the leader.

Spacious, sepia toned and as reflective as a late night at the Wailing Wall, this disc is a wondrous mix of mirth, mourning and melody.

Enja Records



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