Peter Kogan: Some Monsterful Wonderthing

Drummer Peter Kogan takes you back to the vintage Blue Note Record days of hard bop with a swinging session of tunes ranging from quartet to octet and never a dull moment.

He takes you on a street festival on “S.O.S Samba” which includes tons of percussion as well as Sean Turner’s piano gliding over the party, whiel some hip bop kicks into overdrive with Brain Courage’s bass leading the way on “ LOMoMo Mojo Jump.” Kogan’s ride cymbal sizzles with Courage along with the locked in horns of Pete Whitman/ss, Charles Lazarus/tp and Scott Agster/tb on the title track and a Mannix-like theme cruises in 5th gear when Whitman switches to tenor on “Nola Joe.” The rhythm section of Kogan with Brian Courage/b and Tommy Barbarella/p knows how to testify as they deliver the Baptist Beat on “Gospel Tune” while shuffling the boogie on “McKinley Morganfield’s Forever.” Wong goes acoustic guitar on a lovely “Live To Learn and Love Another Day” before popping the clutch for a classic snapper on “Question Monk?”, making this a must have for toe tapping jazzers.

Koganote Records

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