Catherine Marie Charlton: Maiden’s Voyage

Pianist Catherine Marie Charlton puts together a hip modern jazz collection here with a mix of originals, standards and surprises. She teams up with J. Jody Janetta/dr, Steve Meashey-Barry Green/b, and a front line of Jeff Oster/fh and Elliott Levin/ts-fl for some thoughtful moments. Her touch has a hint of French impressionism in it, displayed on her Satie-esque touch on the prismatic “Dance of the Graceful Maiden” and Satie’s ow “ Gnossienne No. 4.” Oster’s horn floats over the water lilies of “Autumn Leaves” while Levin’s flute glides over some restless drum work on “Birds Flower” and his tenor weaves around oblique piano and drums on “The Lonely Cobbler.” A graceful ballet of styles makes “Beneath the Dream” a joy, and the thoughtful “All That I Feel “ closes the album like a Monet oil. Rich textures and reflections here.

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