Buzz Cason:  Record Machine

Here’s an old timer that plays timeless music. Nashville by origin, Buzz Cason was one of the first early rockers, backing up the likes of Elvis and Kenny Rogers as well as having his own band The Casuals. Now in his 70s, Cason comes across like a musical version of Walter Brennan; nice and crusty, walking with a limp and having a ton of good stories to tell. On this casual and cozy set, he sings, plays a nice harmonica and plays guitar along with a range of artists including Jeremy Fetzer/g, Jim Thistle/dr and Spencer Cullum Jr/steelg among others He goes solo on a back porch laden “Don’t Worry Mama” while doing some great work on the classic “She Thinks I Still Care.” His own tunes like No Word From You” and “Just My Dreams” sound personal and earthy, and the backing musicians play like it’s the second set at the old Palomino.  You only learn to play this easy by living it.

Plowboy Records

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