Karin & Mike Kelleher: Melange

Here’s a surprisingly successful album that mixes strings with chamber jazz. The husband and wife team of vocalist Mike Kelleher with violinist Karin mix strings along with jazz guitar,drums and bass on a serenely swinging affair. I’d thought I had heard it all, but a string read of Herbie Hancock’s “Dolphin Dance” along with Eliot’s bass and Mike’s vocals is a Godiva Dark Chocolate treat! George Harrison’s “Something “ inclues a rich cello sol by Gita Ladd as well as Karin’s charming string work, while Johnny Mercer’s “Moonlight” has Gil Evans-like harmonics, albeit with strings. Traditional folk material such as “Black is the Color” and Bach’s “Kyrie” from his Mass in B Minor take familiar themes and make them as fresh and colorful as a revamp of Florence’s Basilica of San Lorenza. Modern and yet timeless.


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