Dheepa Chari: Patchwork

Vocalist Dheepa Chari teams up with a flexible team of Lars Potteiger/key, Dan Asher/b, Mike DiRubio/ss-as, Danill Davydoff/viol and Vin Scialia/dr for a mix of originals and jazz standards. She’s got a clean and reedy voice and uses it well on the quiet teaming with piano on “ Black and Blue” while with DiRubio’s soprano she gives a clear and homey read of “I’m Old Fashioned.” The team delivers a fun clippety clop of a grove on “Lasso” and a post bop “Questions” has Chari effortlessly jumping vocal ranges like a high jumper. Some warm strings team up with Potteiger’s piano fo a cozy and thoughtful “Patchwork” and she cleverly goes modal on “Ain’t Misbehavin.’” Rich and rewarding.


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