Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: Intercambio

As Art Blakey once said, “All jazz is dance music.” Wayne Wallace takes that admonition to heart, as every song on this scintillating session has the type of dance to accompany the piece. Along with Wallace’s trombone, David Belove/b, Colin Dougleas/dr-perc, Murray Low/p and Michael Spiro/perc do some wonderful latin jazz with vocalists Edgardo Cambon, Jesus Diaz and John santos on “Solar” and “Gurachando,” while a sensuous mambo on “Casa Del Sol” features Mary Fettig’s flute and Mads Tolling’s violin searing in between Wallaces’ warm horn. Lovely strings serenade on the cha cha “ Como Vai” and the wonderfully flavorful modal piece “Circle,” while the percussion rumbles like it’s Cruise Night in Van Nuys as Joe galvin brings in extra steel drums on “Equinox” and the funky “Timbazo.” This is low rider heaven!


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