Florian Ross uses his skills at composing, arranging and playing the piano and synthesizer while he leads a team through one of the most clever, original and enjoyable albums in memory. He brings together Niels Klien/cl-ts, Markus Segschneider//g-pedal, David Helm/b and Fabian Arends/dr and mix modern sounds that put your hope in music once again.

The trick that Ross pulls off here is to employ Segschneider’s pedal steel in places to make lyrical pieces such as “ARP 1” and “Venture Cabinet” sound like a Nashville version of Pat Metheny-optimistic and loping rhythms, flavorful melodies and when mixed with Klein’s pastoral clarinet, a whole new breed of jazz sonics gets created. The rhythm team provides a driving  pulse on tunes like “Augmented Reality” , and the band is also able to crate some wondruful romantic and gentle moods; Greenland” has Ross’ tender touch on the piano with Helm’s dainty brush work and “ Driftwood” allows Helm and Segschneider’s bass to create some wonderful panoramas. The textures of synthesizers and guitars sometimes create fascinating swirls as on the cascading “ARP II,” making you feel like Metheny’s baton might be getting passed on. This one’s a joy!


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