Joe Porter & Joel Goodfellow: Detours

This album is subtitled “Music for Percussion & Piano,” which is done by the hands of Joe Porter/perc and Joel Goodfellow/p in impressive fashion. They avoid the pitfalls of over indulgence and rabbit trails by focusing on lyricism as they choose clever material in which to interpret. A two piece suite for Ennio Morricone’s “The Good, Bad and the Ugly” has Porter on vibes for the “Main Theme” and marimba for “The Ecstasy of Gold.”  The former opens with ruminating piano which slowly builds with majestic interplay and drama while the latter with marimba emphasizes gentle mystery. An intriguing read of “Concerning Hobbits From The Fellowship of the Ring” has piano ivories and vibes longing and yearning, while the 14 minute “Prometheus Rapture, Seven Legends’ has Porter on snare drum, giving the piece senses of militarism, ebb and flow, sparks flying to combustion and even a chase scene or two before closing in a fervent climax. The interplay here is both lyrical and explorative, never causing you to lose attention, no small feat.

Big Round Records

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