Chico Trujillo: Reina de Todas Las Fiestas

The Chilean group Chico Trujillo is a hard hitting band that mixes Cumbia and Afro Cuban grooves with infectious percussion and punctuated brass. Comprised of Macha/voc, Tuto/b, Michael/g, Juanito/dr, Tio Rodi/perc, Joselo/teclas, Zorrita/tp, Felita/sax and Tagilo/tb, the band makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a street party as pecussion and vocal solos and chorus’ clamor on “Abajo Del BOte” and the crisply drumming “Malgeniosa.” Timbales ruble with bass and accordionand clarinet on the fetive “Playas Marinas” while flutes chirp ovr the lumbering bas and guitar on “Alturas.” A Farfisa organ creates shark skin Prez Prado fun on the dryving “Chatito” and a mix of military and Mahler takes you on a sonic wild ride on the title track. Sparks of acoustic energy fly in all directions here, mixing festivity and art.

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