Ran Blake: Ghost Tones

Pianist composer Ran Blake delivers a tribute to jazz icon George Russell by presenting many of the pioneer’s pieces  (or pieces associated with him) in a series of piano solo or small orchestra ensembles. His piano touch has hints of impressionism from Satie or Debussy on “Autumn in New York,” “Ezzthetic” and his own “Alice Norbury.” Peter Kenagy/tp and Aaron Hartley/b add textures to an eerie “Ballad of Hix Blewitt” and when Doub Pet joins in for “Living Time” the band has the propulsion of a locomotive and delivers an agonizing and languid “Lonely Place.” Guest sounds such as pedal steel guitar and violin pop in and out, and drums, vibes, timpani or bass create dramatic and shadowy moods. Reflective sounds and atmospheres abound here.

A-Side Records



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