LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…Harvie S & Sheryl Bailey: Plucky Strum, Ana & Milton  Popovic: Blue Room

There is no Battle of the Sexes here. The co-lead teams here make wonderful music together.

Bassist Harvie S teams up with guitarist Sheryl Bailey for a cozy and intimately swinging affair of originals. Harvie’s lyrical bass dances with Bailey’s strums and pickings on the swaying “Saint Nick,” dreamy and longing “Before” and breezy “Woods Talk.” Things get a bit down home on “Bluzin’ F” and the strings bop in unison on “S and S” like Astaire and Rogers. Harvie is reflective on his dedication “Charlie Haden” while Bailey does a lullaby on “For Jimmy.” Easy and reflective, like listening to friends converse over tea and sandwiches.

The father/daughter guitar team of Ana and Milutin Popovic deliver the blues in many hues here along with Rick Steff/key, Harold Smith/g, Steve Potts/dr and Dave Smith/b. Ana’s got a nice growl to her voice on “Red River Blues” and snarls like a tiger while she picks the acoustic guitar apart on the honky tonking “Grant Spivey.” Milutin goes electric on the rocking take of John Lennon’s “I’m Losing You” and gets hefty on the driving “Somebody,” while a smoky  read of Jethro Tull’s “We Used To Know” fetures an ominous B3 along with Ana’s guitar solo. The two make their voices meld like honey and peanut butter on the easy “Catfish Blues” and a swampy “Rainy Night in Georgia” while they take you to the back porch on a cozy acoustic read of John Lee Hooker’s “Tupelo.” This one’s a doozy of a duet!

Whaling City Sound Records

Artist Exclusive Records

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