Ocean Fanfare: Imagine Sound Imagine Silence

The pianoless quartet of Tomasz Dabrowski/tp, Sven Meinild/as-ts, Richard Anderson/b and Tyshawn Sorey/dr form a kind of modernized MIngus-inspired sound, with a light foundation and playful and inquisitive horns. Alto and trumpet form serpentine lines on the cool toned “4 Is 2 Tight’ while the front line creates a tension with the rhythm team by going long toned and languid over agitated patterns on “I’ll Repeat Only Twice” and “Even Play It.” The team is able to bop with the best as on “Hornmade” and some sensitive tenor is displayed on the languid “Soundclip 45.” Dabrowski’s horn wah wahs through “Lotus” serving as a sweet to Meinild’s sour on “ Lotus” with the funky undercurrent by bass and drums rustling underneath. Interesting mix of calm and restlessness.

Barefoot Records


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