Michelle Lordi: Drive

Vocalist Michelle Lordi teams up with Orrin Evans-Tom Lawton/p, Madison Rast/b Dan Monaghan/dr and Larry McKenna/ts for a collection of moody deliveries of standards. Her voice has a folk singer’s phrasing to it, never reaching too high or low, and feeling comfortable in creating an environment, which is mostly subdued and shadowy here. With clicketty clacking drums on  “True Love” and rumbling tom toms on “You’re My Thrill,” Lordi keeps the colors leaning towards sepia. Tom Lawton’s inner Bill Evans comes out on the chord choices on the coolly sophisticated reads of “Imagination” and theregret-filled “Ghost Of A Chance,” where as Evans’ dark keys create a fragile mood with Lordi on “I Fall In Love Too Easily” while delivering an alluring intro to “My Ship.” Subdued with pastels.


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