DEM ‘BONES…The Jiggs Whigham International Trio: Live At Nighttown, Joe Fiedler Trio: I’m In, John Fedchock Quartet: Fluidity

Usually associated with big bands or Dixieland/Chicago styled trad, the trombone can also be used for modern small band sounds. Here are a few examples…

Jiggs Whigham brings his trombone along with Florian Weber/p and Decebal Badila/g for a collection of self described “not so standards.” The trio veers between intimate chamber to free form explorations as everyone gets a chance to stretch out on the 11 minute elliptical “Autumn Leaves” and semi subconscious “The Days of Wine and Roses.” A bluesy pulse features some impressive horn work on”Bags Groove” and Weber’s abstract piano takes Sonny Rollins’ “St. Thomas” to exotic places. Badila mixes chords and various picking styles on “Steve” with the team sounding like an abstract oil color throughout the gig.

Joe Fiedler also leads a trio, with two completely different instruments in drums from Michael Sarin and bass via Rob Jost. Fieldler likes to growl with his horn, plunging it with a funky back beat on”Grip” and “Completely ‘Peccable.” He’s muted on the exotic “Moving In Silence” with some long tones and soft drumming while Sarin’s brushes whisk away the bluesy “In Walked Cleo.” A New Orleanish groove sounds like the Mission Impossible theme on ”The Box” and bop sizzles on the conversant title track. Quite a flexible little team here!

Caught in concert at that crossroads of the jazz world in Virginia Beach, VA, trombonist John Fedchock teams up with the suavely swinging team of John Toomey/p, Jimmy Masters/b and Dave Ratajczak/dr for a rich night of standards.

Fedchock has a warm tone, and uses it judiciously as Ratajczak brushes him along on “East of the Sun” and drives him gently with his sticks on “The Days of Wine and Roses.” Toomey gets some space for rent on Fedchock’s own “Under the Radar” and the stately “I’ve Never Been in Love Before.” The whole team bops well on Joe Henderson’s  bouncy “Homestretch” and the ‘bone glows well under the teams lithe support on the nifty “I Hear A Rhapsody.” Unpretentious, professional and undeniably lyrical in its swing, this team keeps the mainstream candle glowing brightly.

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