****RINGER OF THE WEEK****The Warren Vache’ Quintet: Remembers Benny Carter

Golden toned trumpeter Warren Vache’ gives a well conceived tribute to Benny Carter by revisiting some of his tasty compositions here with the likes of Houston Person/ts, Nicki Parrott/b-voc, Todo Hammer/p and Leroy Williams/dr. Mainstream heaven is in force here, with delightfully gentle swingers such as “A Walking Thing” and the bluesy “The Romp” giving both Vache’s warm horn and Person’s smoky tenor a chance to glow. Nicki Parrott’s sweet voice is put to good use on the coy “When Lights Are Low” the hip “Rock Me To Sleep”  and “All That Jazz” while Hammer gets the spotlight on “Summer Serenade” and “Souvenir.” Vache brings the obscure “Summer Serenade” to light with a glistening read, and Person fills the room with his tone on the bluesy “Doozy.” Only one minor quibble here: why no “Cow Cow Boogie”?

Arbors Records


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