Petros Sakelliou: Visual Music Circus

Greek artist Petros brings together a mix of strings, reeds and old world charm here on a collection of originals. He combines Mediterranean sounds with jazz and classical, and like a good cook, lets the flavors do all of the work. Magda Giannikou’s accordion teams up with Bohemian reeds to form a richly swinging fugue on “My Choro” while old world strings waltz with Linus Wyrsch’s clarinet and Susanna Quilter’s flute during “First Come First.” Hot jazz a la Chicago is felt on “Swingalong” while an exciting tngo well get you on the floor with “Ironic Dance Suite I’ and things keep latin on “Is It A Coincidence?” A yearning and mourning clarinet takes you to a Greek village while the background swirls like you’ve had too much ouzo on “Love For Magda and Maximus.” This album wins on a myriad of fronts, in terms of joy, cleverness and expression. Opa!

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