Mikko Innanen w/ William Parker & Andrew Cyrille: Song For a New Decade

Lots of free formed improvisation here between legendary drummer Andrew Cyrille, bassist William Parker and Mikko Innanen who keeps things interesting by switching between a plethora of woodwinds ranging from saxophones to whistles, Indian clarinets and things like the nose flute. The two disc set has the three together for the first disc, having Innanen’s alto in a shrill mood on “Song for a New Decade,” while he shows gentle moments on “the End Is A Beginning.” The team gets a bit boppy on “Karl’s Castle,” and Innanen does some Dolphy-esque sounds on “See You At 103” while Parker’s bass teams up well with the bass clarinet on “Look for the Red Door.” The 6 songed “Songs for This Decade” has parker dropping out, so Cyrille gets put to work here. He simmers on “Song 4” while working his snare like a charmer on “Song 5” and rumbles along with Innanen’s Indian clarinet on the meditative “Song Three.” The team can go from fluffy light to jarring in a flash, with lots of thrashing about on “Song 1” and “Song 6.” Would be intriguing in concert, but without the visual you need some imagination to appreciate.

TUM Records


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