Holger Scheidt Group: The Tides of Life

Bassist Holger Scheidt leads a post bop band of Rich Perry/ts, Gordon Au/tp, Victor Gould/p and Anthony Pinciotti/dr through a collection of tunes that are titled after emotions. Thus, you get “Failure,” “Desperation,” and “Rage” which sort of starts off on a bummer, but ends with “Hope” and “Triumph.” The tunes themselves are mostly ethereal and medium tempo’d with Perry’s tenor agonizing on “Rage” and Au’s trumpet gasping on “Failure.” The rhythm team keeps the embers burning low most of the time, saving the butane for the closing “ Triumph,” but Gould has a tender and impressionistic touch throughout. More moods than something for toe tapping or dancing. Scheidt wanted this to be a tribute to the classic Maiden Voyage album from Herbie Hancock, and while the interplay and theme succeeds, a bit more sizzle could have helped.

Enja Records


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