A NEW VOICE…Pascalito Neostalgia Quartet: Forbidden Colors, Pascalito Neostalgia Trio: Citizen Chanteur

Here’s a fresh sounding voice, a gent by the name of Pascal sabattier, who teams up in a couple different settings here.

The first one is from a “live” filming of “Pascalito” singing with the team of Luiz Simas/p, Leco Reis/b and Conor Meehan/dr. He mixes crooning with classic French “chasson” styled vocals on a modern take of “I Wish You Love” . Reis’s bass is resonant on “Forbidden Colors” and the team sizzles on the lithe “Rain On Your Skin.” The closing “Avec Le Temps” is haunting and luminous; these guys sound like they mean it.

The band goes it without their drummer for the NYC gig, and they come across more bohemian and cabaret-ish in the process. Pascalito sounds a bit like Joao Gilberto on tunes like “Bossa Nova City” and then like Maurice Chevalier on “La Pluie Sur T Peau.” Simas’ piano goes Debussy-impressionistic on “Syracuse” and sways on “Nature Boy.” Reis does some impressive picking on the pulsatin “Le Cinema” and “Histoire d’un “Amour” while Pascalito milks the lyrics for all they are worth, reaching a rousing climax on the dramatic “Citizen Chanteur.” Tre’ bon!


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