Tim & Caio: In Brazil

Violinist Tim Snider from Portland and guitarist Caio Andreatta from Brazil team up to create some modern sounds that mix indie with jazz and samba. The guys mix and match with Max Ribner/tp-fh, Claudio Baeta/dr-perc, Claudio Rocha/b and other guests, most particularly vocalist Saeeda Wright. Her warm rasp brings out great lights on bouncy “Ventre” and longing “Rio.” Some hip jazz trumpet livens up “The Steeple” and “Vivian” while Andreatta delivers longing guitar on the bluesy “Saudades.” Snider’s violin can do some pizzicato pleasures as on”Intro” while bowing on “Without You” and even doing some impressive vocals, and while many of the songs go acoustic, they can all plug in as on the electric and electronic “Stand For Love.” Warm and trying to please


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