Tesla Manaf: Tesla Manaf

Indonesian guitarist Tesla Manaf displays a wide variety of talents and directions on this diverse release that combines his latest (2014) album A Man’s relationship With His Fragile Area with his earlier (2011) release It’s All Yours. The recent disc has him with a team of Rudy Zulkarnaen/b, Desal Sembada/dr and Hulhul for a collection of Western and traditional woodwinds, while the earlier disc has a collection of metal phones along with “regular” jazz instrumentation. He shows a debt to guys like Ralph Towner and Pat MEtheny in that he creates a mood of creativity and imagination. There’s a Indonesian mix of guitar and Valley Girl on the 2014 title track, whiel he shows his chops on the intricate “Necrophilea” and “Counting Miles & Smiles” with clarinetist Hulhul. Metheny moods  pop up on the percussive “Moving Side” and “Early Years” which mixes pastoral moods with Smith and Wesson revolver speed. The chiming six part It’s All Yours suite has some electrifying moments of joy and passion, with guitars mixing with celebratory banging mallots throughout the creative piece. Melody and rhythm take you from Bali to West Africa with exotic spices and sounds delivered by strings and sticks. Want to see this one in concert!



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