Roger Davidson & Pablo Aslan: Live at Caffe’ Vivaldi

One of the most lyrical and romantic piansist around, Roger Davidson shows his strengths with bassist Pablo Aslan at a concert at Greenwich Village’s Caffe’ Vivaldi. He combines his own lyrical originals with some latin beauties and a standard thrown in for good measure.

Rich and sensuous dance themes abound; how did the audience stay seated? A lovely lilting “Landini’s Waltz” soons and sways while dramatic tangos such as “Alma Hermosa” and “Adios Isla” evoke aural images of Carlos Gardel. Old world charms weave through side streets on “El Choclo” whle the take of “How Deep Is The Ocean” flows like a linen dress. Aslan picks, plucks and bows as the perfect partner on the dance floor, with Davidson leading through melodious fingerwork a la Ginger and Fred. The only caveat is that the piano sounds a bit bright at times, but not to distraction. Maybe.

Soundbrush Records

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