Kansas: Out Of Nowhere

Back in the 70s, both jazz and rock bands were creating the halcyon days of what was called either “jazz fusion” or “progressive rock.” One of the bands that literally came out of the sticks was Kansas, which was sort of like a bluegrass version of Mahavishnu Orchestra. This cd/dvd is a documentary of how this homespun band from the land of Dorothy burst onto the scene and kept a high water mark for this style of music, mixing complex arrangements, sophisticated solos and rich vocal harmonies in a way that caught on like a tornado.

You get interviews with members of the band as well as fans/tourmates such as Brian May and Gargh Brooks. The team of Kerry Livgren/g-key, Dave Hope/b, Phil Ehart/dr, Bobby Steinhardt/vio, steve Walsth/key and Richard Williams/g display how they grew as a band as well as individuals. Songs from their groundbreaking first album such as “The Pilgrimage” and “Can I Tell You” as well as big hits like “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind.” After watching and listening to this documentary, it’s easy to appreciate the composing skills of Livgren, who mixed his Christian faith into the lyrics. It would behoove any band or vocalist to look into this band’s songbook for some extra flavor. Worth a look!

Sony Legacy Records


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