Don Aliquo/Clay Jenkins Quintet: New Ties and Binds

Tenor saxist  Don Aliquo teams up with trumpet Clay Jenkins to front a band including Harold Danko/p, Rufus Reid/b and Jim White/dr. The all stars talents are used well here, creating a band that gives homage to the post bop sounds of ESP era Miles Davis with more intricacy and intellect. There’s some nice bopping  brush work along with a hip bass line for Aliquo’s horn on “ Senor Silt” and a slinky blues is a relaxed setting for the bluesy “Another Cold Front.” Lines are traded back and forth on “New Ties” and the band shows assertiveness on the driving “Glory” while the lovely “The Grand Entrance” shows the two horns at their most lyrical. Aliquo does some serious squawking and gets into some arm wrestling with White on “The Bandit” and through it all Reid is the embodiment of symbiotic support, laying down irresistible yet flexible grooves throughout. Impressive and professional modern art.

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