Dario Boente: Limelight

Some albums simply have a great feel to them, no matter what the mood is. This one, lead by pianist/keyboardist Dario Boent, is one such release. He goes solo, duo, trio and small band and in almost as many styles as there are songs. He’s trying to show you a good time, and he succeeds. The sizzling title track with energetic percussion along with Andres Rotmistrovsky/b, Antonio Sanchez/dr and Dr. S Karthick/perc is filled with flying sparks, while a Headhuntered take of Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” with just Sanchez to answer to Boente’s myriad of keyboards, would put a smile on the Chameleon.  With samplings, vibes and drum programming, Boente goes disco on “Go India Go, while he gets deep and romantic on his solo piano outing on “Nanda.” Modern jazz trio snaps along with the unplugged trio on “Mila” while Latin Romance exudes out of the speakers as JP Jofre’s bandoneon, Pablo Aslans bass and  Sanchezz drums team up against Boente’s keyboard concepts on the wisful “Milonga del Angel.” Each song brims over with enthusiasm and enough chops to open up Mortons’ Steak House. YUM!

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