Chantale Gagne: The Left Side of the Moon

Pianist Chantale Gagne delivers with a lovely glassy touch as she fronts a quartet with the studly team of Steve Wilson/ss-as, Peter Washington/b and Lewis Nash/dr through a collection of originals. Her piano dances with Asian chimes on a handful of the pieces, such as “Mystere” and “A La Claire Fontane” while hints of Bach pop up along with Wilson’s alto on the grooving “After You.” She delivers with kid gloves on the soft touched title track with Wilson’s soprano carrying a torch, and flecks of Satie-esque sparkles dot the sky on “Up Again.” The rhythm team flows like the Seine, nice and steadily romantic on “Just A Dream” and the leader closes with a fun tio to 100 years ago on  “Roach Rag.” She knows how to touch the piano just enough to coax the right tone, and makes a melody like a souffle, soft and tasty.

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