GUITAR DREAMS…Otto D’Ambrosio: Guitar #1711 featuring Julian Lage

Here’s a type of dvd that you aren’t going to see very often, but if you’re a guitar fan, you will cherish. Guy Benoit made this short film about maker Otto D’Ambrosio and his craft of designing and forming some of the most beautiful looking and sounding guitars around. He takes about 200 hours from start to finish on one of these gems, and this film takes you through the steps which include making the body, the binding, carving, making sound holes, bracing and setting the neck as well as the final carving. He takes you into his wonderful work space, talking you through each step.

It’s sort of like a guitar version of spending an afternoon with Bobby Flay, as watching him makes you want to take one of these guitars and see what it can do. Fortunately, Julian Lage takes up the challenge with the newly created instrument, and performs on in front of an appreciative audience. The sound from this guitar is a sonic joy. I don’t have any idea of how much they cost, but if anyone wants something besides a Martin, give this guy a shout. You can see and hear the love here.

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