Roger Davidson: Te Extrano-Buenos Aires

I’m convinced pianist Roger Davidson must have been kidnapped by South American gypsies as a child. He puts out some of the best latin material, and it can come from Brazil or like here in Argentina. He writes his own tangos on this disc, and it would make Carlos Gardel proud, as he teams up with Ramiro Gallo/violin, Nicolas Enrich/bandoneon and Pablo Aslan/b for 15 passionate dances. Some, like “Alicia” are bel canot arias, while at other times the and goes languid and longing as on “O Te Quiero.” Some jagged rhythms make for some shifty feeto on”Si Loin de Toi” while its easy to slide and sway during “No Importa” and “Tango Para Ella.” Gallo can go pizzicato on “Recuerdo De Un Amor” or bow like a caravan leader on the sweet and agonizing “Fin De Semana.” During the whole time, Davidson’s touch is luscious, lusty and right on target , and Enrich squeezes out passion like seeds out of a grapefruit. You won’t sit still on this one!

Soundbrush Records

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