Dan Siegel: Indigo

Gave up hope for contemporary jazz? It all doesn’t have to be “smooth” or cacaphonic. Keyboardist Dan Siegel keeps it accessible but also hard swinging on this disc with Bob Sheppard/sax, Allen Hinds/g, Brian Bromberg/b, Will Kennedy/dr, Craig Fundyga/vib and Lenny Castro/perc. There’s also guest guitar work by Mike Miller on the funky “Spur of the Moment” which also includes some snappy horns, and a brass secion livens up the uptempo and clean “To Be Continued” and salsa’d “If Ever.” A rich mix of vibes and Sheppard’s soprano create a fluffy and soft “First Light” and some rich and bluesy Delta sounds get good and dark on “Indigo.” Siegel himself comes across more like a presence and mood creator than a guy showing off his chops, but he does show his wares on the delicate “Beyond” with Hinds on acoustic guitar and his lyricism on “Consider This” Ear friendly and also inspiring in its range and confidence. Look for this guy!

DSM Records


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