ART OF TRIO…Michel Bisceglia: Singularity

Pianist Michel Bisceglia records with a trio on a label named Prova Records. If you don’t know Italian, the word “prova” means “try.” Good advertising-give this trio a try; you’re not going to be disappointed.

Bisceglia joins together with Werner Lauscher/b and Marc Lehan/dr for a mix of originals and some surprising covers on this double disc of music. He’s got a warm and rich touch with calm hands, and uses it well on the lovely aria solo intro to “Puccini” that slowly undulates into a bluesy dream with the teammates. He broods on his opening to “Lonely Woman” just before Lauscher comes in with some thoughtful lyricism on his bass. A take of “Don’t Explain” is a ringer, with a restless bass bubbling around the shifty eyed theme and percussion work.

There is some marvelous interplay between piano and bass on the classy and classical take of the Procol Harum hit “A Whiter Shade of Pale”   while Lehan delivers some deft brush work on the lyrical and romantic “Paisselu Miu” and his touch on the cymbals during the bopper “The Choosing” and the fragrant “Meaning of the Blues” has the touch of a water color artist with its dots and dashes. Bisceglia himself has the heart of a lion, producing a bel canto “My Ideal” and melding some rich chords on the thoughtful “N’n Siata.” This is a trio that needs to be seen in the states. Bravo ragazzi!

 Prova Records


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