Outhead: Send This Sound to the King

Alex Weiss plays alto and tenor sax on this mix sounds with Charlie Gurke/bs, Rob Woodcock/b and Dillon Westbrook/dr. The sounds come across as a mix of vintage Charles Mingus, but without the neurosis and Ornette Coleman yet without the iconoclasm. Edgy sounds meld together with Woodcocks’ bass leading the way on “”A Made Truth” and the horns lock and pull together before splitting apart on “Trotsky.” Dark tones and moods trudge along on the lonely “The Palimpsest” as Weiss’ alto makes some poignant points. Voices are brought into a few equations, with a spoken word poem by Kristin Sharke on and Weiss and Pete Galub joining in “A Made Truth.” More vocals on “Uncle Ho” and a Monkish-inspired “Glass Houses & Gift Horses” make the disc feel like a mix of influences and ideas that mostly stick to the kitchen wall.



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