Kevin Conlon & The Groove Rebellion:In Transit

The fact that bassist/keyboardist/guitarist/percussionist/vocalist Kevin Conlon feels that creating a groove is actually a rebellion in itself should tell you that this disc is made for the finger snapper in all of us. He doesn’t disappoint; A collection of drummers rotates around with Ari Caprow/g, Mark Secosh/sax and guests Bernie Bagshaw/g and Charlie Bareda/vibs while the advertised grooves range from latin loving “Dirty and Lowdown” to soul funky “Hip Pocket Rocket.” Secosh’s tenor simmers n the good feeling “In the White City” and bops to the beat on “Hipper Than Hip” which also spotlights some nice picking by Caprow. A Kind of Bluish “Say Queen Bee” allows Conlon to sing a bit, while a rich flamenco lilt is irresistible on “Sunset Over Cadiz.” If rhythm is your business, give this one a shout.

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