Fabio Delvo: Rastplatz

Indian and Israeli jazz artists have been getting a lot of print lately, but let’s not forget that Italians have been linked to this music for decades and have created their own sound and tradition. Here, as a perfect example is saxist and composer Fabio Delvo, who leads a clever, unique and yet accessible quartet with Achille Succi/as-bcl, Danilo Gallo/b and Marco Rizzini/dr. The melding of the pair of reeds succeeds well against the kinetic counterplay with the rhythm section, as shown as Succi and Gallo are playful and yet lyrically mischievous during melodic themes such as “Rychla.” The textures of also sax and bass clarinet float like lithe clouds as the open space without chords lets the drums and bass toy with the grooves as on the stop-starting “Percussion Spanioli” or on the funky latin groove of “Without Inspiration.” Delvo’s soprano is light and can be fairly free without going cacophonic on “Impro” while he can get soulful on “Latabela.” A late night luminescence lets the reeds glow as there serenade on “Lullaby of the Wind” showing some impressive freedom, yet still held down by the form of the drum patterns. Lovely arias are delivered within a clever context of joyful swing. Give it a try.


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