Yes: Songs From Tsongas-Yes 35th Anniversary Concert

For one last go around, the most  popular version of Yes got together in 2004 for a long distance runaround of shows that was a roundabout way of demonstrating how great music was back in the 70s. If you weren’t  there at the time, yours is no disgrace: this dvd captures the prog-rockers doing some wonderful things that are close to the edge of being their most satisfying concert.

The Songs from Tsongas itself is impressive with its opus “Mind Drive” in three parts as well as “South Side of the Sky” and “Turn of the Century” popping up inside. Steve Howe/g, Jon Anderson/voc, Alan White (OK, so it’s not Bruford-SUE ME!), Chris Squire/b and Rick Wakeman/ke all sound inspired, with Wakeman. Wakeman and Howe get some spotlight time on “The Meeting” and “Second Initial” respectively, and the band sounds as tight as ever on “Starship Trooper.” Anderson’s voice is in good form, but the highlight here has to be when they all unplug, Wakeman goes to the grand piano, White takes a snare drum and they do some great acoustic takes of “Long Distance Runaround” and a lazy funky and laid back “Roundabout” that shows these gents still have a few surprises up their collective sleeves. The Lugano gig from 2004 includes a glorious take of “I’ve Seen All Good People” while Squire slaps that sucker on “The Fish.” How rare to have a reunion pulled off so successfully. Any chance with the Strawbs?

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