The Toure’-Raichel Collective: The Paris Session

Here is a wonderful summit meeting, the second time that Idan Raichel and Vieux Farka Tour’ have gotten together. The mix of two worlds, Middle East and West Africa, which is represented by these two artists, is a service to both genres, with songs like “From End to End” sounds like Mali folk with a hint of standard jazz with the trumpet of Niv Toar added for effect. Relentless beats and percussiondrives the piano on “Tidhar” and yet a delicate mix of guitar, piano  and voice on “ Bandirabait” feels like a Sahel desert dream. A hint of African hip hop with local instruments  makes “Debo” a delight, and Malian strings are gently driven by bass on “Allassal Terey.” Well thought out and satisfying.

Cumbancha Records


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