Spoke: (r)anthems

Here’s a creative band that isn’t afraid to mix a bit of fun into the soup. Spoke consists of Andy Hunter/tb, Justin Wood Wood/as-fl, Dan Loomis/b and Danny Fischer, and collectively they mix som warm and lyrical originals with some eyebrow-raising-but-ultimately-affirming takes of Baby Boomer hits. As for the former, you get some exciting bop on “Ranthem” as well as some wild boogaloo on “Woryy Later” while “Clube Da Esquina” has Loomis bass delivering a subtle swing and the joyful “Cancion Para Mi Madre” is enhanced by Ito Arguinzoni’s congas.

Now, for the covers…West Coast Cool is featured on the nifty “Move,” and from there you get a funky, slinky and all around Afro Sheening take of Rufus’ “Tell Me Something Good” which has Hunter and Wood shaking their bell bottom blues! A bowed bass creates a warm read of “Blackbird” and then some bass and ‘bone walk together for a gentle and dreamy “Pure Imagination.” Whoever thought up these covers is my kind of guy. Keep it up!

River Records


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