Frank Catalano/Jimmy Chamberlin: Love Supreme Collective

High octane tenor saxist Frank Catalano was sidelined for awhile from his career, and in appreciation for his second chance, pulls a Coltrane and gives a dedication to his Creator for His grace on this album that covers the same territory as the classic A Love Supreme from John Coltrane’s Quartet. The thing I didn’t get is that why the album here has a bimbo in her lingere-are we talking about a different kind of supreme love here?

Regardless, Catalano plays tenor for the dedication along with Jimmy Chamberlin/dr, Percy Jones and Adam Benjamin. The songs are fairly short, and “Acknowledgement” opens up without the gentle bass, but with an avalanche of sax, and don’t even THINK about the closing chant! “Persuance and Persistence” is cleverly calypso-ed, and for the extra tune, “Psalm For John,” Catalano switches to soprano and Chris Poland/g replaces the keyboards for a wonderfully moody finale. Concise, energized and sweet. A bon mot for  Coltrane fans!

Ropeadope Records

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