Arun Ramamurthy Trio: Jazz Carnatica

If you didn’t know, the Indian state of Carnatica is known as having the spiciest and tastiest Indian food in the entire country. This band  has the same flavor, as Arun Ramamurthy/v, Perry Wortman/b and Sameer Gupta/dr make some flavorful sounds her, mixing Central Asian themes with jazz sensibilities.

You get some bluesy swing on “Dhanasri” as well as some hard rockish stringing on “Revati>” Funky grooves on “4th Dimension” and deep rivulets of rhythm on “Maha G” are given exotic ruminations as intros, while a fragrant lilt on “Govardhana” is enhanced by prayerful moods. A bluesy bolero on “Conception” has the violin feeling like he’s just come from a hoedown and guest Marc Cary brings in some  prancing  piano on the joyful “Simple Joys.” No sense of gimmickry, more so a sense of celebration of sounds.

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