Arturo Sandoval/Jorge Calandrelli: Eternamente Manzanero

If you’ve ever seen Arturo Sandoval in concert, you already know that even though he’s know as a master blaster of the trumpet, he’s also got a sentimental  side that he displays by singing a sentimental song or two between hot mambos. On this album, he teams up with keyboardist Jorge Calandrelli and a delicate supporting cast of Johnny Friday/dr, Andy Garcia/bongos, Alex Arce/perc, Belinda Broughton/v and Andrew Shulman/c to deliver lush and romantic compositions from the pen of Armando Manzanero.

Sandoval’s voice is confident but delicate here, in hushed tones throughout as the synthesizer creates flowing drapes on pieces like “Como Yo Te Ame” and “Adoro.” His horn is able to caress a baby as he mutes it on “Mia” and makes it fluffly like cirrus clous on “Contigo Aprendi.” There’s always some latin percussion underneath, but it’s more of a rice pilaf to support than a highway to cruise on. A definite eye brow lifter, but you’ll be better off for it.

Perseverance Records

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