Ricardo Silveira: Organ tRio

Yes, this session was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, and the team of Ricardo Silveria/g, Vanessa Rodrigues/B3 and Rafael Barata/dr are all from Brazil, but if you just listen to the sounds of this smoking 2 cd set, you might mistake the session for a Jimmy Smith meeting with Kenny Burrell. A healthy mix of samba pieces such as Jobim’s “Polo Pony” and Caymmi’s “Amazon River” are slapped on with BBQ sauce and given a funky feel with chiming guitars and deep rivulets of groove. Thick delta guitar sounds come from “Canto De Ossanha” and a boogaloo groove is hip hugger tight on “One-Eyed Monster.” North American standards such as “Body and Soul” and “You Don’t Know What Love Is” stretch out and allow the B3 plugs to be pulled to tell agonizing solos. Wes Montgomery chords are swinging on “Samba E Amor” and lonely and romantic moorings swirl on “A Medida Do Meu Coracao.” Grab a chair, order a couple beers, sit back and take it in!

Adventure Music


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