BRAZILIAN JOY! Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser: Talisman

Vocalist Glaucia Nasser and percussionist Sammy Figueroa create some of the most sublime and joyful sounds on this collection of modern Braziliana. Lots of percussion is supplied as well by Bernardo Aguiar and Chrystian Glante, while Bianca Gismonti/p, Fernando Rosa/b and guitarists Chico Pinheiro-Michi Ruzitschka mix and match for the percolating grooves. Nasser’s warm voice is joyful on the festive “Quando Eu Canto” and the gentle “Passos” whle she can saunter over the slinky bass lines on “ Encontro” and the bouncy “Boca de Siri.” The folksy “Um Olhar de Fora” emits village moods, while the celebrative “Ilu-Aye” and English vocaled “Mandela” highlight her earthy charm. Romance oozes on the lovely “E Quando Quero” which also features Gismonti’s lonely piano, and all the while Figueroa keeps the sounds sizzling like fried onions and peppers throughout. You’ll like this one!

Savant Records

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