3d: Dabrowski Davis Drury: Vermillion Tree

Trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski mixes freedom and form here with the elastic and flexible team of Kris Davis/p and Andrew Drury/dr through a collection of 14 pieces that range from barely over a minute to over ten.

Dabrowski likes using the horn for effects as he growls on “ Taupe,” cries on “Fawn” and buzzes like a bee on “Hazel” while percussion and bass respond and veer around the leader. Free form pieces such as “Leaden” and “Livid” still include jazz sensibilities and bop intros to “Vermillion Tree” and “Puce” keep the extrapolations grounded. Davis’ piano mixes percussion with melody, while Drury does the job of juggling with 3 balls throughout the session. Exciting mixtures!

Jazz  Press


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