The Cookers: Time and Time Again

I’m warning you now, you better see these guys in concert, as Billy Harper/ts, Eddie Henderson/tp, George Cables/p, Cecil McBee/b and Billy Hart/dr are the last of the outside hard bop movement of the 60s-70s that are out there performing. The band also includes the rich trumpet of David Weiss and clarion alto of Donald Harrison; together these guys mix lava rich dark harmonies with adventurous rhythms and solos that makes most of today’s material seem antiseptic. Modal bop tunes such as “Sir Galahad” and the charging “Double or Nothing” mix passionate solos with stampeding undercurrents. Harper’s tenor cries on “Time and Time Again” and McBee’s picks out the blues on the funky “Slippin’ and Slidin’.” The dust flies as the wagon train gallops through the bluesy “Dance of the Invisible Earth” and the muscular bop of “Dance Eternal Spirits Dance” which completes a session that overflows with masculine and macho musicality. Grab it and hold on tight!

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